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Discover David and Matt's journey through a Cyber Security apprenticeship

Read our Testimony about our Safetynet Solutions Cyber Security Apprentices:
David and Matt


APPRENTICESHIP: Level 4 Cyber Security Apprenticeship
CLIENT: Safetynet Solutions
– Delivering leading solutions in identification, visitor management and contractor control to provide a welcoming, safe and secure environment.

As our first two Cyber Security apprentices come to the end of their qualification, we asked them what have they learnt from completing this particular programme and what they hope to achieve with this qualification under their belts.

Read on to find out why they chose a career in Cyber Security and decided on the apprenticeship route, instead of going to university.


David & Matt - Safetynet Solutions Cyber Security Apprentices



David & Matt: Safetynet Solutions Cyber Security Apprentices

David's Apprenticeship Experience:

What have you learnt from completing the Cyber Security programme?

"I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in several areas of Cyber Security including Encryption, transportation of data with security controls, and the implementation of security policies. I have also gained an understanding of the cyber security landscape with the different roles out there."

What do you hope to achieve with this qualification under your belt?

"With this qualification I hope to start my career in cyber security and start gaining professional certifications such as the CompTIA Security+, CompTIA SySA+, and the CISSP."

Why did you choose a career in Cyber Security?

"I was recently a L4 Network Engineer apprentice and wanted to branch out to a specific side of networking which is cyber security, and this apprenticeship was the perfect way to get started with my knowledge and skills."

Why go down the apprenticeship route, to complete this qualification?

"I have completed apprenticeships in the past and I can’t recommend them enough to employers and employees, they enable employees to get the correct level of training by a professional training provider which the business do not have currently. This gives a massive benefit to the business because they now have training employees to a professional standard, and the employees also have the knowledge and qualification to back this up. The main benefit to the apprenticeship is that you can complete this alongside working in your role so you can get the knowledge from the training sessions and then put it into practice in your business."

Employer Feedback:

"David is a dedicated, personable and high achieving individual with incredible aptitude and great attention to details. His core skills as a whole are almost all outstanding. His professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail, ability to work independently, as well as work with in a team, identify him as a natural leader and he has shown development in all these core areas whilst undertaking his learning for Level 4 Cyber Security.

As an Employer we have entrusted David with key areas of our Company’s Cyber Security over this learning period and he has delivered very good results."


Matt's Apprenticeship Experience:

What have you learnt from completing the Cyber Security programme?

"This course has kickstarted my knowledge for Cyber Security. We have a broad range of almost every subject of Cyber Security – A few topics that we have studied are the Threats and Vulnerabilities of systems, Risks and how to analyse and mitigate them, Cryptography, effects of networking in cyber security and building security cases for systems."

What do you hope to achieve with this qualification under your belt?

"I hope to now progress my career in Cyber Security, using this qualification and the experience and knowledge that I have gained on the job, I now wish to progress onto further Cyber Security qualifications to improve my knowledge further."

Why did you choose a career in Cyber Security?

"I chose to study Cyber Security for this course, and I find it highly interesting to study. As everything is moving more towards being online, cyber security is always increasing in demand. This means that there will constantly be new challenges to improve myself and my knowledge in this field."

Why go down the apprenticeship route, to complete this qualification?

"I chose the apprenticeship route as I find that it provides a great balance of work experience and education. It allows me to be flexible with when I work and when I complete my portfolio. I also benefit greatly having monthly catchup’s with my trainer to ensure that my portfolio is on track, which has helped greatly when it came to completing the course. I highly recommend the apprentice route to any friends and family that are unsure on their career path after school/college."

Employer Feedback - 

"Matt has displayed all the skills listed as learning outcomes for L4 Cyber Security, across each of the 3 key areas of Business Networking, Managing the Cyber Security in our Business – both for our internal business environment and externally (SkyVisitor / Client Implementation), and in the impact of Cyber Intrusion.

Matt has shown a maturity in his aptitude and attitude to work beyond his years and has welcomed this responsibilities this apprenticeship has brought him in terms of Safetynet’s own systems, and working on key client projects. He is diligent and accurate in what he does and incredibly remans unflustered at all times!"


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