Trans*fer: A Journey - Seminar

This Trans*fer: A Journey seminar will give you and your organisation an opportunity to discover how positive interaction with the trans* community benefits everyone.

Trans*fer: A Journey - Seminar


This seminar explores topics surrounding workplaces and the Trans* community. It will help to improve your organisational culture, comply with legislation, and strengthen your professional reputation. In a nutshell, the seminar provides these benefits:

  • Earn a reputation as an organisation that values everyone.
  • Gain insight for you and your employees on how to interact with Trans* people.
  • Improve your employee relations.
  • Protect your customers and clients.
  • Protect your profits.
  • Improve HR skills and knowledge.
  • Help to avoid expensive legal challenges.

Why join this seminar?

The importance of looking after each other’s wellbeing – as part of our ethical and legal responsibilities – has never been greater. From deliberate actions to simple misunderstandings, employers who fail in their responsibilities under the Equality Act can be liable for fines up to £100,000.

As the Trans* community moves into mainstream society, more people are finally able to live how they wish. This seminar explores the important next steps for organisations and their employees, to provide excellence in cultural understanding that goes beyond equality and diversity law.

escalla is a vanguard organisation, working in partnership with Polkadot Consultants to bring you Trans*fer – A Journey. We work across sectors with organisations who recognise that equality and diversity is more than a legal requirement. It is about having a deeply shared cultural understanding that defines the modern workplace.

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In this half-day information seminar, attendees are given the opportunity to begin exploring and evaluating how positive and respectful interactions with the Trans* community will become symbolic of any organisation that takes equality and diversity seriously.

3.5 hours

12 and above

Any (minimum age 18)

  • Presentations - information/theory
  • Interactive exercises
  • Discussion
  • Audio/visual elements
  • Enhanced awareness of:
    • Historical picture
    • Representations of Trans* people
    • Vocabulary
  • New thinking
  • Confronting polluting knowledge
  • Challenging potential prejudice
  • Call for advocacy
  • Exploring beyond equality law – cultural and societal effects