Need to work from home and manage a team?

Learn the key skills for managing remote teams

Join our two-part live online learning sessions focusing on MS Teams and digital leadership skills

Learn the key skills for managing remote teams: Join our two-part live online training sessions

In this two-part ‘homeworking series’ you’ll learn how to:

  • Get the most out of MS Teams.
  • Lead remote teams.
  • Reduce the cyber threats associated with remote working.

In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to get the benefits of homeworking, without compromising on teamwork, performance and security. Both sessions are delivered live online for speed and convenience.

Session 1 - MS Teams: Switch on the power of teamwork!

Date/Time: 23 March 2020 2pm to 3:30pm

About this session:

Collaborating and communicating with colleagues is an essential part of effective homeworking. In this session, we’ll be exploring the full capabilities of MS Teams and learn how it can bring your teams closer together, streamline your workflows and improve communication.

The Agenda

  • The benefits of MS Teams.
  • What to think about when setting up Teams in your organisation.
  • How to encourage quick adoption.
  • Online meetings & Planner.
  • Desktop sharing, file sharing and collaboration.
  • Video streaming.
  • Main integrations and the lesser known features of Teams.

Session 2: Digital leadership skills for managing remote teams effectively and securely

Date/Time: 25 March 2020 2pm to 3:30pm

About this session:

Having the right technology in place is only one side of the equation. As a digital leader you'll need to be aware of the challenges of managing remote teams and how to overcome them. In this session, we’ll explore the key concepts of digital leaderships so you can improve performance, motivation and communication remotely.

We’ll also look at the increased cyber security risks associated with homeworking and how you can reduce and mitigate them.

The Agenda

  • The challenges of managing remote teams.
  • Deploying the right tech to support your remote teams.
  • Establishing identity, culture and trust.
  • The key mindset shift required for managing remote teams.
  • Motivating and managing your remote team to perform.
  • The main cyber risks associated with remote working.
  • How to reduce and mitigate these risks.

Who should attend?

These sessions are ideal for busy managers, who are looking to introduce or expand homeworking within their organisation or just want to refresh their knowledge.


The sessions cost £150 plus VAT for both courses or £95 plus VAT for one course. Discounts apply when booking additional places.

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Live Online Learning Session dates:

23 March 2020  | Session 1: MS Teams

25 March 2020  | Session 2: Leading remote teams


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