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Disability Related Expenditure (DRE) Half Day Workshop

Delivered Live Online

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Available to book from September for your organisation only


3.5 hour course


Delivered live online by a trainer


£1095 plus VAT for up to 12 delegates

Disability Related Expenditure (DRE) Half Day Workshop 

Course Overview 

Our aim is to provide frontline teams with the tools to produce a bespoke, robust DRE Policy. And to have the skills to confidently assess individual DRE Claims backed up by a clear processes. 

This half day workshop will improve your understanding of the guidance around DRE, what it is, when it should be offered and what is reasonable. You will also gain the skills to ensure your decision making is grounded in evidence.  

We will show you how to collect, verify, and thoroughly evaluate the information available. We want to ensure your decision making is grounded in evidence. We want you to be able to collect, verify, and thoroughly evaluate information available.  

Remember - A decision is defensible, if even despite a negative outcome, it can be demonstrated that all facts were considered and evaluated based on individual circumstances. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Have the framework to Produce a bespoke DRE Policy
  • Understand the guidance on DRE – with an eye on Ombudsman Decisions
  • Confidently assess DRE
  • Have DRE outcomes that can be defended
  • Understand the appeals process
  • Have a robust appeals process
  • Confidently defend your decisions
  • Continuously improve your DRE processes

Who’s it for: 

The workshop is perfect for all staff who consider Disability Related Expenditure during the financial assessment process.   

How it's delivered: 

This half day workshop is delivered live on-line with a trainer and can be accessed via a PC, Mac or Tablet.  

You will provide information on your local policies and ways of working which will be used to produce a template for your bespoke policy by the end of the session. You can interact, ask questions, and practice new skills – all without leaving your desk. 

Topics Covered: 

  • What the Guidance actually says 
  • What constitutes DRE 
  • How we can obtain evidence 
  • Workshop to compose a robust DRE Process based on a template 
  • Appeals and Ombudsman Decisions