Mental Health and Wellbeing Learning Programmes

Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

We all need support with our Mental Health and Wellbeing at times.

Staying on top of our mental wellbeing is good for us now but also helps us manage difficult times in the future. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Courses and learning programmes can better enable you to support yourself, colleagues, staff and those around you going through challenging times.

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Grounded in the latest research, our interactive and engaging workshops will boost the resilience, performance and satisfaction of your employees, while improving outcomes for your clients.

These courses are available to book per person or privately for your organisation only (for up to 12 delegates). All courses are delivered virtually, although face to face training can be considered upon request. All training dates are provisional and may change, depending on demand.

Help protect your customer facing teams and the communities they serve by giving them a greater understanding of mental health issues.

Learn how to recognise the warning signs and start a conversation. Get people experiencing suicidal thoughts, the professional help and support they need.

Strengthen the resilience of your teams by giving them the strategies, tools and skills to better cope during challenging times.

Learn how to be a happy, healthy homeworker. Reduce your stress, improve your resilience and boost your performance.

Ensure that you and your people have the skills to identify and support customers in vulnerable circumstances when recovering debt.

Equip your team with the skills to respond effectively and compassionately to difficult situations, without becoming personally affected by them.

Develop the ability to recognise, understand and manage your own emotions in positive ways. How we process our emotions predicts our mental health and wellbeing.

Stress is something many of us expereince at work and in our private lives. Learn how to identify stress and manage it effectively to avoid long term health problems.

The ASIST method has been proven to reduce suicidal thoughts in those at risk and is considered the gold standard in suicide prevention.

Become an accredited mental health first aider. Learn the risk factors and warning signs for mental health concerns, and explore first aid support and signposting.

Learn how to look after your own mental health and wellbeing so that you can help look after others in the workplace and beyond.


Upskill your customer facing teams to handle difficult situations with compassion - Learn how to use use appropriate communication techniques and active listening skills, whilst focusing on keeping yourself well if you feel affected by a situation.

Mental health and Wellbeing Programmes

Looking for something more in-depth? Work with our experts to design a wellbeing programme that is right for you. Our programmes can involve diagnistic work, bespoke group sessions, coaching sessions, and other interventions to support the mental health and wellbeing of your people.  

Handling Challenging calls while protecting your own Mental Health and Wellbeing

Is your front line team experiencing more challenging calls? Learn how training can help your staff to diffuse difficult calls while protecting their mental health and wellbeing.

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South Somerset Distric Council Logog




Testimonial: Improving the resilience and wellbeing of frontline workers

South Somerset District Council

Since the pandemic, our contact centre has been receiving a higher volume of calls from distressed and vulnerable residents.

Although our team has done an amazing job responding to these calls, we wanted to ensure that everyone had the right skills and support to help them manage at this difficult time.

So, we worked with escalla to design a bespoke wellbeing and resilience programme. This consisted of diagnostic, and several interactive workshops to tackle the five key themes identified. These ranged from improving support to reducing the risks of burnout.

The team thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, and the feedback has been amazing. We found the workshops around managing stress, empathising with customers and managing conflict particularly useful and have embedded the learning into our day-to-day work.

All in all, the team loved the interactive and engaging nature of these workshops and have learnt so much. Here are a few of their comments:

  • The training sessions have helped me to understand and manage my stress levels both at work and at home.
  • Got some great information and techniques from this training. Would be great to have Mel [the trainer] in every workplace and school to promote mental wellbeing!
  • The sessions were informative and insightful and helped me understand the science behind emotional triggers and stress. Well worth the time spent!
  • I thought the sessions were very useful and helped me to think about my thoughts and feelings, particularly in stressful situations.  The training gave us strategies to look at different situations, to analyse the triggers (what makes us stressed) and ways we de-escalate the situation.  The strategies and information given were very useful and can be used in all different situations of life.

Nikki Pledger, Customer Connect Team Leader
South Somerset District Council

Yorkshire Housing Testimony




Testimonial: Yorkshire Housing

"Helping staff to deal with challenging conversations"

"At Yorkshire Housing we believe in making it possible for our customers to have a place they’re proud to call home. As with any social housing organisation, sometimes this comes with its challenges and our Customer experience teams do an excellent -yet sometimes difficult- job to handle calls, often from distressed customers. Last year, we identified a need to provide better support to our customers in those scenarios and at the same time enable our colleagues to preserve their own wellbeing in stressful or difficult situations.

We spent a long time in conversations with different providers but within five minutes of our first conversation with Mel, it became clear escalla were the right match for our needs.

We’ve had nothing but refreshing and positive feedback from our colleagues who have so far attended the workshop and the impact this has had on their work – the way they now approach and deal with stress and difficult conversations is truly inspiring.

I attended one of the sessions myself and I can only say it was one of the most engaging, interactive workshops I’ve taken part in. It stays with you and encourages you to make changes from day one, whilst giving you the tools to do it."

Chabel Santacreu, Learning and Organisation Development Partner, Yorkshire Housing

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