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Welcome back to escalla's Summer Newsletter

Welcome to the Summer edition of our Escalla Newsletter.

Well, the sun is finally with us and here's to the impending "heatwave"!

Lots of exciting news in this quarter's edition, including an introduction from our new Trainer, Pawel Draus and a day in the life of an apprentice, Lauren Salmon. I hope you will enjoy reading all about them.

We are pleased to announce that we have become members of the 5% club.

The 5% Club is an industry led initiative focussed on driving momentum into the recruitment of apprentices, graduates and sponsored students.

We’ve recently recruited several new apprentices and have committed to recruiting many more in the future! As well as helping to solve recruitment issues, the new apprentices have brought with them new energy, fresh thinking, and a new spark to the office!”

Read our news section to find out more.

As always, if there is anything you would like to see in our newsletter, please contact us.

Have a great summer and let's hope the sun keeps shining.

5 Percent Club

Meet our new IT trainer, Pawel!

Hello I'm Pawel (pronounced Pavel.)

I'm currently living in Ipswich (delivering training for people in the North West and beyond), and I'm passionate about IT and IT apprenticeships. I believe apprenticeships are a great way to get skills, knowledge and work experience at the same time.

I'm really pleased to be back in the sector - leading young and eager minds into vocational adult life. 



Get ready for the new Digital Marketing apprenticeship!

The Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standard is currently under review. The review team have decided that the content of this apprenticeship overlaps with the content of the Level 3 Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship Standard so, they are creating a brand new standard, which will incorporate both of the current standards. The assessment criteria and duties will be updated to make them more suitable for the ever changing marketing mix.

The proposal for the new standard has been approved, and it will be called the Level 3 Marketing Assistant (Multi-Channel).

The deadline for the employer group to present the new Standard, Assessment Plan and costs to the institution for apprenticeships and technical education (ifATE), is September 2022.

The review team are currently working on the Occupation Standard and the End Point Assessment Plan. The plan will include; the assessment methods, the pass and distinction assessment criteria, and any examinations. The current feedback from the review team is that all exams will be removed, to keep the standard in line with other digital industry apprenticeship standards.

Keep an eye out for any updates on

These changes won't effect any current apprentices.

We will share more details with you in the next newsletter.

100% EPA pass rate, so far...

This year, 20 apprentices have completed their End Point Assessments and all 20 apprentices passed!

A sweet success for Lucie!

Lucie started her apprenticeship the week before the first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK! This wasn't the best timing! She managed to complete all her training online with Emma during the lockdown. Once back in the office, Lucie focused on gathering her work-based evidence, and learnt so much about being a digital marketer for an events company.

At the time the company couldn't run any events, which meant her job was definitely a tough one! Once the events started running again, Lucie continued to make excellent progress, and gained a distinction for her End Point Assessment. This was thoroughly deserved, after all her hard work, dedication to the role and her resilience.

Lucie has now moved into a new role at Image on Food, and continues to develop her skills. This is what Lucie has to say...


"Image On Food" are providers of delightful hand iced gingerbread creations and award-winning heritage gingerbread. This family business has been successfully running since 1987 managing two brands – Original Biscuit Bakers & Billington’s Gingerbread. My role here is Digital Marketing Executive and my responsibilities include creating ongoing marketing activities to promote both business brands.

The main focus is on promoting our brand Original Biscuit Bakers, and to do this my day-to-day activities include managing our social media channels and creating engaging content which shows product updates as we have seasonal products. Working here is allowing me to develop and grow new skills and use my creative talent to the fullest. And of course, the added bonus of receiving the odd biscuit treat here and there!


Did you know, our apprenticeships can be completed online?

That's right. We now offer all of our apprenticeships online. This helps businesses and apprentices, who are not based locally, to benefit from the escalla experience.

Of course, if you are located near to one of our academies (in Crewe or London), you can still benefit from our face-to-face training.

Please get in touch for further information!

online learning

A day in the life of a digital support technician.

Written by our very own apprentice, Lauren.


As a Level 3 digital support technician apprentice, I arrive to the Crewe escalla office at 8:15am. I start my day by checking my email inbox and opening teams to see if anyone has messaged me. I will then complete anything that needs actioning.

Within my job role, I work on exciting projects with the NHS and the Metropolitan Police. My daily tasks range from sending delegate lists, reviewing course feedback and much more. I have been travelling down to London multiple times per month, to help prepare for our new upcoming project. I am excited to see what this busy project looks like in the future. 

On some days, I help to facilitate our online courses. This involves me ensuring that everyone gets onto the teams call and no one is having any issues. I welcome the delegates with a smile and ensure that they can all see and hear me ok.

As apart of my apprenticeship, I have to spend some of my time working on my reports. Today, I had a catch-up call with Pawel about one of my reports I am working on. After this call, I then improved and expanded on what we had discussed

At the end of the day, I clear my desk, shut down my computer and get ready for the next busy day ahead..


Help support the mental health and wellbeing of your people.

We all need support with our Mental Health and Wellbeing at times. Staying on top of our mental wellbeing is good for us now but also helps us manage difficult times in the future.

Grounded in the latest research, our interactive and engaging workshops will boost the resilience, performance and satisfaction of your employees, while improving outcomes for your clients.

These courses are available to book per person or privately for your organisation only (for up to 12 delegates). All courses are delivered virtually, although face to face training can be considered upon request. All training dates are provisional and may change, depending on demand.

Can you guess the word?

How to play Wordle 

1. The link will take you directly to the wordle. 

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6. A grey tile indicates that the letter you picked in not included in the word at all. 

7. The hint for this word is that it is to do with APPRENTICESHIPS.


Have feedback? We would love to hear your thoughts!

We love to hear your thoughts about your experience, whether you are an apprentice or an employer we are working with. Every bit of feedback is valuable for the escalla team. Thanks in advance for taking the time to review escalla, we hope your experience has been nothing but positive!