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Winners of the Global Sepsis Alliance Award!

escalla support KSA to win the Global Sepsis Alliance Award

escalla’s work with the Ministry of Health in KSA has led to an award from The Global Sepsis Alliance for ‘improving the diagnosis and clinical management of sepsis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’.

The project involved delivering a learning platform and national learning programme to healthcare professionals, teaching about the dangers of sepsis and how to effectively deal with the condition at all stages.

As a result of the outcomes, over 40,000 lives could be saved every year within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alone.

escalla is now planning to develop this model globally.

‘At escalla, we’re passionate about saving lives through our education and learning programmes and are looking forward to working with new partners, to help tackle sepsis on a global scale.’
- Siva Singh, Director EMEA

The Ministry of Health in KSA will be presented with the Global Sepsis Alliance award in late September.

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