Healthcare E-learning

Up-to-date, engaging, cost-effective healthcare e-learning

Cost-effective statutory and mandatory e-learning saves you money and helps your training compliance to CQC

Healthcare E-Learning

Our off-the-shelf healthcare e-learning will lower your statutory and mandatory training costs, by reducing or replacing your face-to-face training.

Written in collaboration with NHS subject matter experts (SMEs), our extensive e-learning library covers key statutory and mandatory training topics such as Infection Prevention and Control, Fire Safety, and Information Governance.

We have been supplying healthcare e-learning to the NHS and private healthcare industry for over 20 years. Today, our catalogue of relevant, up-to-date online courses will make compliance training quick and engaging – and your training budget stretch further. We can supply our e-learning on our newly-developed learning management system, or can supply modules to use on your own LMS.

Healthcare e-learning to meet your training requirements

Bespoke Healthcare E-learning

Whether rolling-out new software or preparing new staff, bespoke e-learning is the made-to-measure solution for training your workforce. Our team of expert developers deliver bespoke projects on every scale – from small teams, to some of the biggest organisations in the world.

With bespoke e-learning, you can tailor every aspect of your learning experience – from the content and delivery, to the way it looks and feels; your organisation benefits from consistent delivery, high staff engagement, and measurable outcomes.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We offer LMS options to suit organisations with and without their own LMS. For hosted e-learning, we use Cortex - a bespoke and easy-to-use training management system built for your organisation’s training, learning and development needs.

Benefits of Cortex:

  • Host and track e-learning completion

  • Manage training events

  • Upload resources

  • View training progress

  • Categorise course catalogues

  • Optimise attendance

  • Create comprehensive reporting and dashboards

Benefits of healthcare e-learning

Here to help you deliver a quality healthcare service

Healthcare e-Learningbenefits and features

Accessible Learning

Access our e-learning at any time, across devices. With a year’s renewable access to every off-the-shelf e-learning module, staff can refresh their knowledge at their own pace and convenience.

Cost-Effective Training

Face to face learning can be expensive as part of staff induction or statutory and mandatory training. E-learning removes the need for costly resources like trainers and venues.

Engaging Content

Our interactive e-learning makes even the most complex subjects easy to understand. One day of mandatory training can usually be condensed into just 1 hour of e-learning.

Improve Your Compliance

Online reporting lets you share staff training records during CQC inspections. Our e-learning and LMS helped one trust improve their compliance rating from 50% to over 90% in under a year!

to You

Working with your own SME, each of our modules can be customised to include localised information relevant to your organisation, including embedding your policy and branding.


"May I thank you for the unfussy, unflusterable, cooperative and effective way that you have supported this process." - Project Manager
“escalla provides user-friendly modules to ensure a good knowledge base and full understanding of the mandatory requirements.” - Learning and Development Manager
“The e-learning modules are professional and the LMS system has been invaluable over the last month, providing us with on the day/hourly results of the mandatory questionnaires and Induction training our new starters needed to complete. You have been brilliant throughout the setting up process and very attentive; always happy to help and provide advice.” - Medical Education Centre Secretary


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