Handling Difficult Situations with Compassion

Handling Difficult Situations
Caring for yourself and others with compassion

Delivered live online by an expert trainer

Dates & Times



3 hours


Delivered via MS Teams by a trainer


£175 per person plus VAT or £895 plus VAT for your org (12 Delegates max)

Handling difficult situations: Caring for yourself and others with compassion

What is the training?

‘Handling difficult situations - Caring for yourself and others with compassion’ is a newly-developed training course for customer facing staff. The training aims to help upskill staff in handling difficult situations with compassion, using appropriate communication techniques and active listening skills, whilst focusing on keeping yourself well if you feel affected by a situation.  

The skills learnt in training could be used in a wide range of difficult situations, including where people may present in a challenging or distressed manner, during instances of uncivil behaviour or when speaking about difficult topics of conversation.  The training also covers self-awareness, self-compassion and emotional intelligence, which are essential in looking after our own wellbeing, and that of others. 

What you will gain from attending: 

✔ An understanding of what we mean by compassion and the types of difficult situations that customer facing staff may face, using case studies based on real-life experiences.

✔ Foundation-level communication skills and techniques that will support you to consider how to handle a difficult situation safely and with compassion

✔ Dedicated time to practice the skills and techniques discussed in a safe space, with the support of a facilitator and your group  

✔ Engagement with other people and the opportunity to learn from shared experiences 

Who can sign up? 

This training programme is targeted at frontline customer facing roles across all sectors including local government, utilities, housing association etc.  Please note that the communication techniques and skills taught are foundation level – this is not an advanced level course.    


A tailored version of this course has been rolled out across the NHS where it achieved a 95% satisfaction rating, with most participants reporting that they left the course feeling more confident and capable of handling difficult situations. The statistics show a 25% increase in confidence levels due to the course and an overall satisfaction score of 95.1%. For more information, please read the case study.

Feedback from the NHS


“I found the event / training beneficial and interesting as we have never had anything like this offered before in the 23 years I've worked for the NHS”.

“This has been invaluable in helping me to realise I need to look after myself as well as patients wellbeing”.

“This training course has helped me to realise that listening to people is the key. Show compassion in every situation and show that we are there for every individual no matter what the situation”.

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"Brilliant trainer, such a natural manner and very knowledgeable on the topic. Very happy to answer all questions raised and involve the full group. He could segway very easily into different elements of the topic with supporting theory, models, concepts and thoughts.  Very engaging, calming and thoughtful to all delegates. I never felt rushed or undervalued in asking questions, and felt the same for other delegates involved.  The side chat box was also given the same level of interaction. Loved links to theory, psychology, the mind and mindfulness, models - fabulous! Difference between empathy and sympathy; mindfulness - looking after self; levels of listening.  It helped to re-ground the importance of these areas, but also provided a new consideration of how to apply back in the workplace in a more holistic way - e.g. putting the suite of learning together to look after the person and self. All in all - the course was excellent, and considering it was only half a day - so much useful information was provided.  Well done!"


Claire Pegg, Academy Learning Consultant, Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Latest Delegate Feedback

The content and pace of the course is very good. I appreciated that time was given to discuss topics that were not necessarily on the agenda such as neurodiversity. I think everyone can benefit from learning about or having a refresher in compassion.

I have learnt to be more present, to understand my thoughts and feelings and to try and take a deep breath when I'm 'taking something personally'. Learning the difference between sympathy and empathy is also eye opening, I have been less empathetic than I realise! I will take all the learning forward when dealing with customers and I will be advising our neighbourhood officers to also take this training. It was extremely valuable and thought provoking. I also really enjoyed the moments where we took a break to be mindful and present.

The course was concise and informative. I am a visual learner and, as it was interactive, this helped my learning. I now have more of an understanding of empathy and how to apply it to my role.

Safe and comfortable environment created. Learned the true difference between sympathy and empathy, will know when to use them when talking to customers. I would recommend this course as it opened my eyes to being more understanding to others and how to deal with a difficult situation, whether that be with customers or within the workplace.