Junior Doctor Induction E-learning

Online junior doctor induction into your legal and organisational procedures and culture.

Bespoke junior doctor induction e-learning courses.

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Healthcare e-Learning Specialists

Delivering bespoke and off-the-shelf e-learning

escalla Healthcare are experts in healthcare e-learning – providing accessible, engaging and cost-effective training.


We deliver one of the largest junior doctor induction programmes in the UK.

Our online induction programme has been developed to introduce newly-qualified doctors to professional clinical practice – ensuring quality-standards are met, and consistent training is delivered across your teams.

E-learning covers the essential ethical, social, legal and professional standards expected within UK healthcare services. Content can also be tailored to introduce new doctors to your organisation’s culture, procedures and key organisational policies.

Meet all your healthcare training goals

Combining skills and technology to support your healthcare services

E-learning for Junior Doctors

Cost Effective

Save as you learn. No travel costs or classroom requirements. Junior Doctor Induction e-learning is delivered exclusively online, via our latest learning management system (LMS).

Up-To-Date Content

We work closely with the NHS to ensure our learning content is up-to-date with the latest UK healthcare policies and legislation.

Revisit and Refresh

Junior doctors can revisit content to refresh their knowledge at any time after their initial induction.

Flexible Learning

Induction learning can be completed quickly, and at your junior doctors’ convenience, with online content accessible across a range of devices.