Global healthcare models

Building Global Healthcare Models

International Patient-Referral Healthcare Models

escalla is helping implement leading healthcare models, for patient-referral and care pathway services around the globe.

Through intensive learning, our knowledge of patient care pathways in the UK NHS, and ongoing international partnerships, we are providing the tools to replicate health system best-practice, anywhere in the world.

Watch The Video​

Watch our short video about the learning programme we are delivering for the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt.​

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Supporting and transforming local healthcare models

We work with international partners to help integrate leading UK healthcare models into their own health systems.

Using our learning and healthcare expertise, we have developed a robust programme which exposes our partners to specific, high-quality experiences and learning from within the UK NHS.

Using Primary, Secondary and Community Care operations, our programmes take clients on a journey through the UK’s National Health industry: from its early beginnings and philosophy, right up to today’s digitally-driven arena. The intention is to help our clients identify how good treatment critically aligns with patient journeys and care pathways, as part of a successful and sustainable healthcare model.

Following this multi-stage programme, we continue to work with our international partners in their home nations. At this key value-adding stage, we identify both positive long-term crossovers and quick wins, with the goal of supporting or transforming local healthcare models, to provide measurable benefits to patients and practitioners.

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Patient Pathways Learning Programme
for Family Doctors in Egypt

The Challenge

To help Egypt transform it’s healthcare system by adopting and regionalising NHS best practice.

The Solution

  • Scoping exercise to show how we could support the introduction of the new Healthcare Insurance legislation.
  • Working with family doctors to regionalise NHS best practice.
  • Learning consists of classroom training, workshops, visits to leading GP surgeries and hospitals.

The Outcome

  • The programme is underway and the first cohort of family doctors have been trained as change ambassadors.
  • Watch this space!

Example Programme

Our 10-day example programme at a glance.

Example 10-day Programme

DAY 1: Arrival and NHS Introduction
DAY 2: Care Pathways
DAY 3: GP Surgery Visit and Hospital Visits
DAY 4: Half-Day Visits; Learning Capture
DAY 5: Referrals; Governance; Patient XP
DAY 6: GP Practice Sustainability
DAY 7: Final Day Review and Close
DAY 8: Arrival, Home-Nation Current State
DAY 9: Review of UK Visit; Learning
DAY 10: Transferring Best Practice

Find out more

If you want to find out more about our expertise in international healthcare models, and how we can help you, please contact us and ask for Siva Singh, Director of EMEA.