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Gain the skills your teams need to meet the demands on today’s local authority services.

Here, you can benefit from our specialist local government training, apprenticeships, e-learning courses and compliance system. All developed and delivered by industry experts.

We deliver skills and confidence, council wide. Covering everything from corporate learning and team development, to specialist training for customer services, IT, Revenues and Benefits, and Financial Assessment departments.

Discover our specialist local government legislation training and business skills courses - delivered as live online learning, classroom sessions, and flexible e-learning.

Discover our range of business skills courses to help deal with everyday issues - from managing conflict to managing remote teams; be sure to check out our range of titles.

Office 365 training can help you and your teams make a successful transition to smarter, more collaborative, new flexible ways of working.



Your local authority sees regular changes in legislation, finances and staffing. This often means big challenges to overcome.

While it’s tempting to neglect training, investing in your local government teams with the right skills is proven to pay off: increasing efficiency, improving performance, saving money, and motivating your staff.

With decades of experience, our team of local government experts only develop material that will help you perform to the latest industry requirements.

Enjoy instant, measurable benefits:

  • Increase efficiency

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce errors

  • Maximise Subsidy

  • Motivate your staff


‘How can we find a permanent, resource-light solution to our increasing customer enquiries?’

London Borough of Redbridge wanted new staff to meet a rise in demand across both their Revenues and Benefits Department, and Customer Contact Centre. Instead of putting the burden of recruitment on their own managers – or relying on temporary staff – they came back to escalla and asked us to help them set up a tailored FastTrack programme. This involved a local recruitment and assessment process, to help their organisation attract, assess, select and train new employees in a single service. At the end of the programme, nine talented candidates were selected to join their teams. Since the FastTrack, London Borough of Redbridge’s new staff are performing well, and the organisation is now setup to handle more calls every

London Borough of Redbridge

‘Help us halve our Housing Benefit errors’

In 2016, for the first time ever, Oxford City Council were qualified on their audit report because of the volume of assessment errors. They needed a fast solution, and asked us to design and deliver a bespoke training programme, focusing on the recommendations made.
escalla provided a refresher on all the fundamentals of HB assessment. We also provided specialist training (based on an analysis of errors) around more complex claims such as persons from abroad, self-employed, company directors and students; and behavioural training like subsidy implications and the cost of getting things wrong. After the success of the training, Oxford City Council decided to implement escalla’s digital learning system – LA-Inform – to keep their staff up to date with changes in legislation, policies and procedures.

Oxford City Council

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"Help us get the best from Office 365"