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New for 2024...

The new, versatile Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship

Introducing the Multi-Channel Marketer Apprenticeship


The all-new Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship standard is live! Replacing Digital Marketer and Marketing Assistant, it’s predicted to be one of the most popular apprenticeships of 2024 and beyond. 

The Multi-Channel Marketer apprenticeship is great for anyone looking to gain exposure to a wide and varied array of marketing techniques and channels. It is fantastic for organisations that are looking to build out their team with multi-faceted marketers as it presents a more holistic approach to marketing, covering both digital and traditional methods. So, if you’re interested in developing skills in digital and traditional marketing, this is the programme for you. 


So, why is it changing? 

For years, marketing apprenticeships have lacked a truly versatile programme. This caused issues for companies looking for niche skill sets or employees working outside the confines set by the apprenticeship standards. That is until now! Multi-Channel Marketer is an open-ended programme which mixes traditional and digital marketing under programme. This means that any business or individual can use this course to build the ideal role for their organisation.


What Is Multi-Channel Marketing? 

The multichannel approach understands that each platform is different, and rather than trying to create a seamless experience across platforms, Multi-Channel Marketers will create different strategies, campaigns, and content for each platform. 

The majority of modern businesses will uphold a multichannel approach – whether they are aware of it or not. Any business that uses two or more channels to reach its clients or customers is considered multichannel. 

Essentially, businesses that adopt a multichannel approach are present and creating content on the multiple platforms their customers are using.


Key changes to note: 

Channel Focus: Whilst the Digital Marketer standard is more narrowly focused on digital channels, the Multi-Channel Marketer standard incorporates a broader spectrum of both digital and traditional channels.

Audience and Strategy: The Multi-Channel Marketer standard places a stronger emphasis on researching and understanding diverse audiences and crafting marketing strategies that span multiple channels. 

Budget Allocation: The new standard introduces budget management considerations for multi-channel campaigns, addressing the allocation of resources effectively. 

Focus on stakeholder engagement: In their daily work, a multi-channel marketer apprentice will be expected to interact with a wide range of internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders such as clients/customers and suppliers such as printers, digital agencies, PR and media agencies, event display companies, market research agencies, and media sales professionals. 

Perhaps the most notable difference between the older standards and Multi-Channel Marketer is the shift in assessment style. Previously, DM required learners to undertake exams throughout the apprenticeship but MCM does not have the same requirements. MCM’s End Point Assessment requires learners to provide a portfolio showing how they have demonstrated the standard’s required Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours (KSBs). They then must discuss this portfolio during an interview with an assessor. Alongside this, to better reflect the requirements of a modern marketer, learners will have to complete a report project, present this to an assessor, and answer questions on their project. MCM does not require the traditional employer reference. 


What exactly does the apprenticeship cover? 

  • Campaign management
  • Content creation
  • Social Media marketing
  • Digital and traditional communications
  • Brand management
  • Communication skills
  • Project Management 

And much, much more!


What job titles will it work well with? 

Typical job titles include: 
  • Marketing Assistant 
  • Digital marketing assistant 
  • Digital communications assistant
  • Marketing communications assistant
  • Marketing administrator
  • Marketing junior
  • Social media assistant

The nitty gritty: 

Learner costs: £0 Don’t worry, you pay nothing! 

Typically lasts for 15 – 18 months 

Upon completion learners will be awarded a recognised Multi-Channel Marketer level 3 accreditation from 1st for EPA 


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