Locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester

Recovering Housing Benefit Overpayments:


The challenge:

Housing Benefit overpayments continue to cost local authorities a significant amount of money and with the ongoing roll out of UC, this legacy debt will become even harder to recovery.

Overpayment Recovery Workshop:

This workshop is designed to help you maximise both recovery and subsidy and is an ideal pre-cursor for initiatives such as the self -employed review.

During this workshop we'll take an in-depth look at the end to end debt recovery process and discuss how to apply best practice and key legislation, to help you recover Housing Benefit debt effectively and maximise subsidy.

The Agenda:

Identifying and Classifying Overpayments
  • How overpayments occur
  • How overpayments are calculated
  • How overpayments are classified
Deciding Whether an Overpayment is Recoverable
  • Recoverable overpayments
  • Non-recoverable overpayments
  • Case law
  • Choosing whether to recover
  • The subsidy implications
  • Diminution of capital rule
Recovering Overpayments
  • Notification and right of appeal
  • Methods of recovery
  • Rate of recovery
Enforcing an Overpayment
  • Enforcement (County Court)
  • Limitations Act
  • Enforcements: including warrants, attachments of earnings etc.

Who should attend?

There are no formal requirements for this workshop. It is suitable for anyone with a Housing Benefit background. It is particularly relevant for housing benefit overpayment officers, debt recovery officers, team leaders and managers.


The cost of the workshop is £275 per person plus VAT.

Don't miss out! We only have a limited number of places available.

Workshop date and locations:

21st April 2020  | London

22nd April 2020  | Birmingham

23rd April 2020  | Manchester

If you would like to request another location, please email

This workshop is also available as a 1-day in house course

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