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Post Go Live Support

Public Safety Training: Post Go Live Support

Discover why the journey doesn’t end at go-live and explore the pivotal role of post-go-live support. 

The successful implementation of a new software system is a monumental achievement for any organisation. It signifies the culmination of extensive planning, significant investments, and the collective effort of teams across the organisation.

However, what happens after the go-live phase is often just as critical, if not more so, than the implementation itself. This is where the importance of post-go-live support becomes abundantly clear.  

With robust proven methodologies, we work with public safety teams to effectively manage the change process, whilst heading off challenges and difficulties before they occur.   

We understand the criticality of getting it right first time in 24/7 client operations where we deploy competent resources to foster early adoption of the incoming change. This is through a turnkey training solution using accredited trainers / facilitators and taking end users through system simulations, role specific learning and post Go Live Support. 

Through effective Go Live Support, user adoption, confidence and accuracy in using systems are all increased, with the associated reduction of risk, cost of failure and burden of post go live activity e.g. data cleansing.  

Go Live Support – barriers, drivers and benefits for your system transformation 

Key Drivers for Change

  • Maintaining an effective 24/7 service whilst not compromising data quality, case quality, policing outcomes, and overall public experience​

  • Remove the frustration of bottlenecks to everyday working practice​

  • Identify genuine system errors and reduce overall project noise, helpdesk traffic, and user error​

  • Maintain staff confidence in the system and the overall change​

  • Increase staff learning to foster self-sufficiency and reduce impact on BAU teams​

Benefits of Go Live Support

  • By increasing knowledge and confidence in the use of systems, reputational damage and civil actions are by default reduced.

  • Compliance with Victim Charters improved.​

  • Improved trust and confidence with local communities.​

  • Go Live Support provides a smoother handshake transition between implementation, Go Live, and BAU.​

  • Assists in reducing negative impact when dealing with complicated case management, custody issues, and general use of the Connect workflows.​

  • Significantly reduces negative staff feedback about new systems and the associated change.​

  • Increased access to intelligence to manage risk.​

  • Fostered confidence in the use of the system and the Transformation Leadership team.​

  • Improved confidence of supervisors which promotes improved supervision of investigations and other connected events.​

  • Fostered staff self-sufficiency and reduced impact on BAU teams.​

  • Improved overall data quality and reduced the need for retrospective activity.​

The Barriers to Change

  • Service Criticality: Mission-critical system transformations, serving the public effectively in a 24/7 operation, pose a challenge for resources and capacity. Failures often lead to reduced public confidence and could negatively affect vital areas such as public safety and risk management. There is also reputational damage to the Police Force and increased civil actions with any system change.

  • Low User Adoption: Communicating and expressing the advantages of a system transformation to individuals is a significant challenge, especially where staff have competing parts to their role and time.

  • Visibility and Accountability: The risk associated with a less-than-successful system transformation cannot be understated. Public safety, media scrutiny, ministerial justification, and senior staff oversight create a complicated and sometimes conflicting environment for change.

  • Impact on Reporting: Poor user adoption and a lack of genuine transformation can lower data quality. Organizations often need to employ large teams retrospectively to cleanse data in the newly deployed system, which is vital for ongoing effectiveness and viability.

Our Post Go Live Support Solution in action:​ 

In May 2024, we successfully completed the Drop 2 Classroom Training and Go Live Support programme with a large UK police force. This was delivered with our turnkey solution of Training venues, Personnel, Content Development, Learning Management System, Scheduling and ​ Go Live Systems Experts. ​ 


As part of our support programme, we provided the client with Go Live Systems Experts to support the overall Go Live phase. This involved 10 weeks where Systems Experts (SE’s) worked alongside officers at the Borough Command Units and the Transformation team providing Go Live Support. We provided face to face support at critical pinch points and provided a live online solution for more dispersed support. The SE’s helped officers and staff navigate working processes, impart understanding of those processes and give face-to-face knowledge of the overall wider impact of the system. This increased staff confidence, understanding and will ultimately improve data quality, Case Management and overall policing outcomes. ​ 


​ The key benefit of using experienced trainers as SE’s is providing a cure to the issues experienced rather than just addressing short-term symptoms. This approach gives a genuine legacy of learning for the organisation to help achieve self-sufficiency.  

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