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Course: Universal Credit Changes and Complex Cases

This Universal Credit Changes and Complex Cases training is designed to give you an understanding of the legislation changes implemented in 2019. It will outline the facts regarding Universal Credit and the impact this has had on legacy benefits.

The training has been developed to enable you to confidently deal with a wide range of relevant enquiries.

What will I learn?

By the end of this Universal Credit Changes and Complex Cases training, you will be able to:

  • Understand the law surrounding mixed age couple rules.
  • Describe the effects on mixed couple rules and legacy benefits.
  • Define the category of persons who are treated differently under mixed aged couple rules.
  • State the term ‘entitled’ regarding severe disability premium.
  • Describe the transitional protection for persons already claiming UC.
  • Understand the migration process.
  • Understand future changes to Universal Credit, and the effect on legacy benefits.
  • Describe the four categories of specified accommodation

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for staff and organisations who offer support and deal with enquiries from people effected by Universal Credit changes. The course also discusses the complex areas of these changes.

Learners will benefit from a range of classroom teaching methods, including group working, case studies and both individual and group presentations. Traditional teaching is supported by a virtual learning environment that is used to host a range of electronic supporting materials.

Assessment is provided by a mix of coursework, as well as verbal and written examination. Feedback will be provided to both the learner and the employer.

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'The training as usual was excellent and the trainer tailored the course to suit us. The course was so relaxed, and the staff felt so comfortable to ask questions. We actually got a debate going in the middle which really ironed out some issues and all the staff were buzzing afterwards!'

Anne, Benefits Manager, North Hertfordshire District Council

Course Content

  • Rules surrounding the legislation
  • Spare Room Subsidy and Benefit Cap
  • Scenarios when Housing Benefit will be terminated
  • Effects on other legacy benefits
  • When new claims for Housing Benefit can be made
  • Temporary absence and other special conditions
  • Transitional Protection
  • Rules and legislation
  • Changes from 16 January 2019
  • What the term ‘entitled’ means
  • Transitional protection
  • Legacy benefits and Severe Disability Premium
  • Clarification of those already receiving Universal Credit
  • Frequently asked questions
  • HB for the initial two weeks of UC claim
  • Supported and specified accommodation
  • New style JSA and ESA
  • 12-month exemption minimum income floor for new claimants
  • Repayment of debt
  • Migration Process
  • Transitional Protection and Transitional Capital Disregard
  • Universal Credit Triggers