What Makes a Great Apprenticeship Provider?
3 Questions to Ask

A great training package, from a capable apprenticeship provider, is key to a successful apprenticeship programme.

If you are an employer looking to deliver an apprenticeship programme, you will need to work in partnership with an effective apprenticeship provider.

The right apprenticeship provider will be able to help you in areas such as: 

  • Recruiting apprentices.
  • Finding the right types of apprenticeship.
  • Developing an effective training plan tailored to the needs of both organisation and apprentices.
  • Providing effective feedback and evaluation on the progress of apprentices.

Since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy (which requires all UK employers with an annual wage bill over £3 million to invest in apprenticeships), good apprenticeship providers are in demand.  

As an employer, you’ll be looking for a provider who will deliver the best results and offer the best support for your apprentices to help them develop.  

Here are 3 questions to ask when looking for your perfect training partner: 

Q1. What is their track record? 

A great place to start. Success rates for apprenticeship providers are measured by the government to determine the quality of programmes being delivered 

They measure areas such as apprentice retention rates (what percentage of apprentices successfully complete the programme) and what percentage of apprentices complete their apprenticeship within the initially agreed time-frame. 

Two other connected areas to look at are: 

1. The quality of staff delivering the programmes – what level of professional qualifications do they have? And what experience do they have in the industry they provide apprenticeships in? 

2. The quality of placements – what is the calibre of the companies they’ve worked with? And what have they been able to offer apprentices? 

Subjective testimonies from both organisations and apprentices are another good way of getting some more in-depth feedback about how an apprenticeship provider operates and the difference it can make. 

At escalla 

escalla are a RoATP-approved apprenticeships training provider. 

We are Ofsted-rated Good overall, and Outstanding for personal development, behaviour and welfare. 

We have a core in-house team of experts and over 25 years of successful programme delivery to our name. The figures speak for themselves – 97% of apprentices on our programmes get offered a full-time job with their employers and 80% of our employers take a second apprentice within one year. Our clients include local government, NHS Trusts and global corporations across 26 countries. 

Q2. What qualifications do they offer? 

If you’re employing apprentices, you want them to be trained to the highest standard. So it’s important to make sure your apprenticeship provider offers top qualifications that have been recognised by your industry. 

Providers should be able to give a list of qualifications they deliver on their website or sales literature. This should include a clear explanation about what the qualification is, the qualification level and which awarding organisation delivers it. 

To deliver the training, training providers need to be approved centres of training. They should also meet minimum standards around qualified staff, training facilities and quality assurance processes. 

At escalla 

escalla specialises in digital learning and offers apprenticeship training in IT and Digital Marketing. We offer a range of recognised qualifications from our training academy in Crewe. Our wealth of experience and resources in this field means that we can offer a truly tailored service to your organisation. 

Q3. Are they value for money? 

At the end of the day, you’re looking for the best quality service for the best price. A good training provider is not necessarily the cheapest, but you want to make sure that you’re getting a competitive price and that there are no hidden fees.  

Each organisation will have its own preferences on what it is looking for in achieving the best value for money, but things worth considering include: 

  • Does the training provider cover any of the costs? 
  • What additional costs might be involved, e.g. registration fees? 
  • How are the apprenticeship provider costs broken down? 
  • Will I be able to access any other funding? 


At escalla… 

escalla are committed to keeping our costs as competitive as we can. We promise a full upfront breakdown of all costs with no hidden fees. We will be able to let you know if there are any grants or other sources of funding available to help reduce costs. 


Withescalla, you’re guaranteed to get more for your money. What distinguishes us from other apprenticeship training providers is our holistic approach from start to finish. Our service continues long after the apprenticeship has finished. And we provide a comprehensive support network throughout, enabling you to focus on your business. Get more info about employing an apprentice with escalla. 


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