Automotive Industry:
Are you Harnessing the Power of Generation Z?

Auto Industry: Are you Harnessing the Power of Generation Z?

Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z – these may sound like generic labels with basic stereotypes, but we live in a nation divided by the different generations . And these labels can actually serve as useful segments to break down consumer demographics and purchasing behaviours. 

Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2010) is the newest addition to the generation labels squad. Having grown up as digital natives, Gen Z are tech-savvy and well connected. They can effortlessly navigate the social media world, use apps that most baby boomers and even some millennials have never heard of (Tiktok, Unfold, Twitch..?) and digital is their native lingo.

The first class of GenZers have now reached their mid-20s, and are starting to develop their careers and earnings. This means a whole new generation of car buyers, with different purchasing behaviours and attitudes towards companies and commercial interactions. 

So, the question is twofold. How can the automotive industry reach out to Gen Z to attract new talent and how can it appeal to this new generation of car buyers? Let’s take a closer look... 

In the next decade, Generation Z will become a bigger force in the car consumer market, as they start to upgrade from the second-hand cars they learnt to drive in to newer models.

Purchasing behaviours

According to Global Web Index’s report, Gen Z are considerably more likely to use their mobile than any other device – so making sure your website is mobile friendly is very important if you don’t want to lose out. Quality photos, easy to swipe info and inventory details must all be accessible and up to date. 

Appealing to tech natives also means that you’ll need to emphasise your inventory’s tech features such as in-car smartphone syncing, enhanced safety features and technology that brings convenience and entertainment. 

Research from online retailers suggest that Gen Z are more likely to purchase and sell vehicles in non-traditional ways.

Gen Z are more digitally comfortable, have more trust in the online marketplace and do not have a pre-existing loyalty to the traditional vehicle purchase process. Therefore, the car industry should be adapting its sales methods to the digital world. 

As an industry, the auto world is still getting to know Gen Z as car consumers. Therefore, it is important that dealerships and marketing tactics stay flexible. The car industry must interact with Gen Z to get to know them, see what influences them and win their loyalty. 

Commercial Interaction

Generation Z have the digital world at their fingertips and they know exactly how to use it. This means they are shopper savvy – they want quality and they’re looking for a good deal. Therefore, in the digital retail world, it’s harder for businesses to grab their attention.

Gen Z consumers expect a more personalised aspect to their customer service experience – so be ready to interact across multiple channels to meet their commercial needs. 

This means the auto industry needs to be up to date with the latest apps and tech trends. While Gen Z may still visit dealerships before making their car purchase, they still expect to be engaged, every step of the way. 

Being 59% more likely than older generations to connect with brands on social media means Gen Z expects a more authentic voice from company social accounts. But be careful! Generation Z have strong opinions and are willing to express them, especially on social media. 

They have a variety of causes that they stand for and are willing to mobilize (digitally and physically) for them – so how you interact with them as a business on social media is vitally important. 

With Generation Z being more in touch with environmental issues, the automotive industry must be careful to maintain a more friendly rather than corporate image on social media. To counteract the negative image some Gen Z might have of the automotive industry, dealerships can use digital marketing to highlight electric vehicle and hybrid technology. 


How can a Digital Marketing Apprentice help you harness the power of Gen Z?

What better way to keep in touch and appeal to Gen Z as a new generation of car buyers than by hiring one? A Digital Marketing Apprentice is a digital native with insider knowledge of how to sell cars to the younger generation. 

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