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Hire a Marketing Apprentice

Technology and the internet have revolutionised the car buying process. Research shows that 59% of your customers' car buying process  is spent searching and researching vehicles and brands online.

As a leading tech and apprenticeship training provider, we work with car dealerships to recruit and train the next generation of marketing apprentices.

So, if you want to invest your levy funding to  boost your SEO,  social media, adverts, website and generate more traffic and leads, we’d love to hear from you!

Hire a Software Developer Apprentice

Software developers design, build, test and maintain software systems. Whether working on websites, applications, games or productivity software, they'll support you in building a digital dealership.

Whatever the brief – from putting together creative animations, building e-commerce capability, or solving problematic puzzles by interpreting lines of code – software developer apprentices can add a keen eye to your digitalisation team.

Car dealerships need digital evolution to boost their business. Apprentices can help with launching new technologies and skillsets to transform companies both internally.

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Our Marketing apprentices are helping car dealerships by...

Boosting SEO

92% of customers research online before visiting a dealership! Ensure that your dealership ranks ahead of the competition by getting your SEO in gear!

Boosting SEO

Advancing social media engagements

Research shows that 82% of people find social media useful when buying a car. escalla's digital marketing apprentices have quadrupled social engagements across the Swansway Audi group, from 134 to 800 per week in little over 4 weeks!

Social Media in car dealerships

Maintaining online webchat presence

Statistics show that dealerships lose more than 2,000 potential sales each month from visitors who are not engaged when visiting an automotive website! Digital marketing apprentices can help you resource this service.

Maintaining online ads and images:

Webcat in car dealerships
"Uploading 20 car photos per advert, increases your ad views by 39%"
"The highest performing ads have anywhere between 50 and 100 images"
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Images in car dealerships

Learn more about Apprentices for Car Dealerships:

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Here is a sample of photos that our Marketing Learners are capturing:

photos taken by apprentices car dealerships
"Since hiring a digital marketing apprentice, we are able to advertise 100% of our used car stock using a still image (up from 68% in just 4 weeks!)"

Sales Manager, Stafford Audi

Increasing video ads:

Car buyers love video!

"Our digital marketing apprentice has increased our use of video advertisements from 59% to over 75% of our total used car stock in only 4 weeks"

Sales Manager, Blackburn Audi

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