Interview Nick Swansway


Interview with a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Interview with Nicholas, escalla Digital Marketing apprentice at Swansway Motor Group.

Wondering what it’s like to be an escalla digital marketing apprentice?

We arranged a chat with Nick at Swansway Motor Group, Carlisle Audi. He’s currently on an escalla DM apprenticeship.

Nick recently took a little break from his training to tell us how he’s finding the apprenticeship, why he got into digital marketing, and what he gets up to on an average day.


N - Hi, I’m Nick. I work for Swansway Motor Group at Carlisle Audi, and I’m on a digital Marketing apprenticeship.

E - What impact has the apprenticeships had on you?

N - I think as a person it’s made me more organised. With how to schedule posts, putting them up, editing. It’s made me more confident as a person, talking to people – being in front of camera as well!

E - Why did you want a career in digital marketing?

N - I’ve always had a fascination with IT. At school I’ve always been proficient with it. And growing up when YouTube was becoming bigger, seeing people do more vlogs and video editing, and photography. I think that’s what appealed to me.

E - What Impact has the training had on your work?

N - From my reports it’s been good. Starting with images and image ratios and Autotrader and the stuff we’ve done so far. It has impacted more sales enquiries.

E - What have you enjoyed about the training?

N - Meeting new people. I’ve made so many new friends halfway down the country.

E - What support have you been given?

N - Loads of support. You get support from your head of business; you get support from escalla themselves. You get a mentor as well that you can talk to. And then you’ve also got HR, but you don’t really need to talk to them.

E - What does a typical day look like?

N - A typical day? It depends what the agenda is from your head of business. He might tell you to put a post on Facebook; he might want to do Instagram; he might want to take 360s; edit videos, photos; interview people. There’s a range of things to do on a day to day basis.
A big thanks to Nick for taking the time to talk to us!

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