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Mental health and Wellbeing Programmes

Looking to improve the wellbeing of your workforce? 

Staying on top of our mental wellbeing is good for us now but also helps us manage difficult times in the future. Looking after your people is paramount – it’s well known that happy, resilient employees give the best performances in the workplace, especially when they feel they’re being supported and valued.   

Our bespoke health and wellbeing programmes encourage emotional resilience for all. We help you to better support yourself, colleagues, staff, and those around you going through challenging times.   

Tailored programmes for your organisation 

Our bespoke learning programmes put the needs of your organisation at the forefront. Work with our experts to design a wellbeing programme that is tailored to your organisation’s requirements and future goals. Our programmes can involve diagnostic work, bespoke group sessions, coaching sessions, and other interventions to support the mental health and wellbeing of your people.   

Our programmes are delivered online, or face-to-face upon request. Whether it’s shorter programmes or long-term projects, we’ll work with you to provide dynamic and engaging training that will have a positive impact on your people.  


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What people are saying about our training:

Case Study: Bespoke Learning for NHS England

Following COVID-19 and rising difficult patient interactions, in 2022 we partnered with NHS England to design and deliver a bespoke learning programme for patient-facing staff.

The training programme, ‘Handling difficult conversations – Caring for yourself and others with compassion’, was designed to give frontline, patient-facing NHS workers the skills and techniques to handle difficult situations with compassion.

The programme was co-designed with a number of different NHS organisations, to make sure the programme was relatable and impactful for all participants.

Over a 10-month period, over 6,000 people completed the training, resulting in a 95% satisfaction rate and a 25% boost in confidence.

The collaborative project has since been shortlisted for the ‘Enhancing Workforce Engagement, Productivity and Wellbeing through Digital’ award at the inaugural HSJ Digital Awards, recognising outstanding contribution to healthcare. 

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HSJ Award escalla

"I feel much more at ease and quite happy to be involved with difficulties which is very much a result of my training. I wouldn't have been as confident before the programme."

"Felt like I received both validation of skills and learnt new techniques and phrases to use going forwards, both every day at work and at home. Thoroughly enjoyed the session and would recommend anyone to take the time to reflect how we can approach each other and ourselves in a more empathetic manner."

“This training course has helped me to realise that listening to people is the key. Show compassion in every situation and show that we are there for every individual no matter what the situation”.

Adur and Worthing
Yorkshire Housing
South Somerset

Case Study: Adur and Worthing Council 

“Help us handle challenging customer conversations.”

Adur and Worthing Council noticed a rise in the number of people who were articulating severe anxiety and depression – often from people in housing crisis or owing the Council money. This was placing a burden on staff who were trying to offer help. We worked with them to design a programme to help.

Case Study: Yorkshire Housing  

“Help us handle challenging customer conversations”.

Yorkshire Housing identified a need to provide better support to customers in distressing scenarios and at the same time enable their colleagues to preserve their own wellbeing in stressful or difficult situations. The result was a bespoke workshop with excellent feedback.

Case Study: South Somerset District Council

Improving the resilience and wellbeing of frontline workers”.

The team thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, and the feedback has been amazing. We found the workshops around managing stress, empathising with customers, and managing conflict particularly useful and have embedded this learning into our day-to-day work. All in all, the team loved the interactive and engaging nature of these workshops and have learnt so much. 

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