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Live Online Remote working Courses

Live Online Courses for Remote Working and Managing Remote Teams

With the quick transition from office-based to remote working, many people have had to adapt to a new way of managing their teams. So, we've launched our new live online (trainer-led) course schedule to help you and your team adapt during these difficult times. 

With live online training, you can interact, ask questions and practice new skills — all without leaving your desk! Perfect, for dispersed teams working from home or remotely. Sessions take place on a shared online screen, where a friendly trainer will guide you and your class though one of our many learning topics.

These courses are available to join on demand, for your organisation only, for a maximum of 12 delegates per session.

Managing a remote team

Managing Remote Teams - A Masterclass

Managing remote teams is something that stretches many leaders. Join our new managing remote teams masterclass to learn how to manage remote teams effectively.

Next running on 19 August and 10th September

Microsoft Teams

Learn how to get the most from Microsoft Teams and ensure successful communication and collaboration with your colleagues.

Available On Demand


Building resilience in remote workers

The current situation is causing a lot of stress and anxiety in the workforce. Learn how you as a manager can help build up the resilience of your remote team.

Available on Demand

Digital Leadership

Become an accomplished Digital Leader with this Digital Leadership course, change how you and your team work and lead digital transformation.

Available on Demand

Remote Conflict Resolution 

Learn how to manage conflict remotely, when face to face communication may not be possible or safe.

Available on Demand

conflict resolution training

Managing Difficult conversations in a remote environment

Learn how to manage difficult conversations and how it differs in a remote environment.

Managing stress in a remote working environment

Learn how to manage the stress of others in a remote working environment.

Managing Time effectively when working from home

Managing your time is difficult enough without the added distractions of working from home. Learn how to manage your time effectively.

Team Dynamics and remote working

Learn how team dynamics shift in a remote setting and why this is important when leading a remote team.

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Effective remote communications

Improve your communication skills and learn how they can be best adapted for homeworking.

effective remote communications

How to build rapport in a remote working environment

We can also deliver any of our digital or business skills classroom-based courses live online for your organisation. Please get in touch for further information.