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Case Studies

For over 25 years, escalla has been helping businesses become better by developing people and skills. Take a look at our list of case studies and feedback from our partners and clients.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Staying on top of our mental wellbeing is good for us now but also helps us manage difficult times in the future. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Courses and learning programmes can better enable you to support yourself, colleagues, staff and those around you going through challenging times.

Adur and Worthing
Yorkshire Housing
South Somerset
Isle of Wight

Case Study: Adur and Worthing Council 

“Help us handle challenging customer conversations.”

Adur and Worthing Council noticed a rise in the number of people who were articulating severe anxiety and depression – often from people in housing crisis or owing the Council money. This was placing a burden on staff who were trying to offer help. We worked with them to design a programme to help.

Case Study: Yorkshire Housing  

“Help us handle challenging customer conversations”.

Yorkshire Housing identified a need to provide better support to customers in distressing scenarios and at the same time enable their colleagues to preserve their own wellbeing in stressful or difficult situations. The result was a bespoke workshop with excellent feedback.

Case Study: South Somerset District Council

Improving the resilience and wellbeing of frontline workers”.

"The team thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, and the feedback has been amazing. We found the workshops around managing stress, empathising with customers, and managing conflict particularly useful and have embedded this learning into our day-to-day work. All in all, the team loved the interactive and engaging nature of these workshops and have learnt so much."

Case Study: Isle of Wight Council

Debt and Mental Health training”.

"The knowledge we took away, along with our experiences in our job roles, really resonated and opened my eyes a lot to certain information."

FastTrack Recruitment

FastTrack is a blend of recruitment and training that helps you to attract, select and train local candidates with the potential to succeed. FastTrack gives you a real alternative to recruiting agency staff or relying on off-site processing. 

FastTrack Recruitment Programme Brent Council
Central Bedfordshire
ealing logo

Case Study: Brent Council

Recruiting and training a new team of Customer Service and Benefit Assessment Officers.

"Overall the process Escalla have put in place, has enabled Brent to employ 15 great customer services officers. Escalla found a number of candidates with the right attitude and motivation to do a sterling job!"

Case Study: Central Bedfordshire Council

FastTrack recruitment and Training programme”.

"The quality of the FastTrack candidates is exceptional. They are beginning to assess new benefit claims in record time and will soon be making a major contribution to the team."

Case Study: Ealing Council

FastTrack recruitment programme ”.

Through this latest FastTrack programme, we helped them to hire and train seven new debt recovery officers. Afterwards, they told us how they found the experience...


We create world-class learning academies and healthcare programmes for clients in the UK and across the globe. Working with our network of global healthcare professionals, we facilitate change and new ways of working to transform healthcare organisations.

healthcare uk HUK_L_Blue_Red_RGB

Supporting Healthcare Reform in Egypt

“escalla have found working with Healthcare UK and the Department for International Trade to be straight forward and beneficial. The advice of how to trade in the region was incredibly useful and they also brokered meetings when in-country funding partners were needed."


Health Transformation and Improvement in KSA with Ada'a Health

"escalla has been working alongside Ada'a Health on a health transformation and improvement leadership project to deliver technical skills in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This project has been a part of our Healthcare Academies and Learning Programmes."


Agile e-learning delivered to 20,000 Registration Authority staff

In four months, escalla turned a potentially complex training challenge into a self-managed and affordable solution. NHS Digital were vocal in how much they enjoyed escalla’s products, professionalism and customer care."

Ministry of Health

Global Sepsis Challenge

"Sepsis in Saudi Arabia is recognised as being a key contributor to an estimated 64,000 deaths every year. To address this, we put together an improvement programme, outlining new systems and processes for sepsis treatment and recognition, which has the potential to save 32,000 lives every year." 

royal hospital for neuro-disability

Junior Doctor Induction Training

"Since our partnership, not only have RHN’s 600+ staff enjoyed 24/7 online reporting, pushed their compliance rate from 67% to 90%, and seen their mountain of spreadsheets become a thing of the past; they’ve also been given the essential basic computer and online-working skills to become confident with their current IT systems, and prepared for the upgrades of tomorrow."

St George's Healthcare

Junior Doctor Induction Training

"With over 6000 staff, and 500,000 patients, ‘negative service impact’ during their upgrade was a phrase that St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust wanted to avoid at all costs. So, to make sure patients were kept safe and systems running smoothly, over 150 floorwalkers gave staff 24-hour, 1-to-1 training and support – from initial roll-out, right through to business as usual."


Handling Difficult Situations with Compassion

"Starting in January 2022, this training programme has achieved a 95% satisfaction score to date, with 93% of participants telling us they would recommend it to their colleagues. More than that, participants experienced an average increase of 25% in their confidence in handling difficult conversations with compassion before and after their training."


escalla works with organisations to deliver digital transformation training and consultancy to support management and teams, build capabilities and expectations in today’s digital world.

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Office 365 Education

escalla is supporting Stratford School Academy to deliver remote education using Office 365 Education.

Microsoft Office 365

escalla helped Elmbridge Council get the most from Microsoft Office 365.