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embrace, enrich and evolve your business with digital apprenticeships! Gain a motivated and adaptable workforce, brimming with fresh thinking and energy. In today's digital age, skilled ICT experts are in high demand, but hiring experienced professionals can strain budgets, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Step into the realm of our Level 3 ICT apprenticeship journey! This programme is proven for igniting business expansion while keeping costs in check. Whether you're in search of emerging talents or aiming to elevate the expertise of your current workforce, our initiative guarantees real results. Empower your business to thrive today and embrace a prosperous future!

What an ICT Apprentice learns and how it benefits your business:

Our ICT apprenticeship programme encompasses three distinct pathways, allowing you to align the chosen pathway with your specific business requirements. Each pathway offers unique expertise and skills that cater to different facets of your organisation.

Discover more about these three areas of study below, each offering a unique set of skills to elevate your business's technological capabilities:



Networking is the backbone of the vast majority of infrastructure. We make sure our apprentices have a strong understanding of networking concepts such as OSI, Routing and IP.

legislation and risk management

Legislation and Risk Management

Alongside technical skills, we ensure apprentices have a strong understanding of legislation such as GDPR and the safe handling of data. We also teach them the basics of Project Management and how to conduct Risk Assessments.

devices & troubleshooting

Devices and Troubleshooting

Whether it is a bespoke system, or a common setup, we teach the apprentices how to logically troubleshoot devices. From being able to gather and interpret logs, to recording and analysing network traffic.

Embrace an ICT apprentice and expand your business! Here's how:

Digital apprentices bring fresh perspectives and a wealth of up-to-date knowledge regarding emerging technologies and digital trends. Their understanding of the ever-evolving ICT landscape allows them to identify and implement innovative solutions that can significantly enhance your company's efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness...

Fresh perspective and enthusiasm - inspire other team members to embrace technological advancements, adapt to new software tools, and embrace digital transformation. 

Cost-effective and sustainable solutions to address your IT needs - investing in an apprentice means you gain access to a motivated and dedicated individual who is eager to learn and contribute to your organisation's success.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our employers have to say...

Parker Software
"Apprentices have allowed us to fill gaps in our service that otherwise would have been too expensive to fill. They also allow for a cycle of hiring a promotion within the business to ensure that our staffing levels remain at the level we want across all departments." - Parker Software LTD
Communicate Technology
"Our apprentices have been immersed in the business from the very beginning, and the tailored training means we can mould their paths to align with our exact business goals." - Communicate Technology

We'll help you access Government funding to create your next Digital Marketing superstar!

95% Funding

If your total payroll bill is less than £3 million, you will qualify for 95% government funding for digital marketing training in all cases.

100% Funding

For businesses with less than 50 staff, digital marketing training can be fully funded for employees or new starters aged 16-18, and 95% funded for those who are not.

LEVY Funding

If your business contributes to the Apprenticeships Levy (has a pyroll over 3M), you can fund your digital marketing training by utilising the funding available in that pot.

Remember, you can tap into apprenticeship funding to train new hires or upskill your current employees across all age groups and job roles.

Let's train your current team to become IT experts!

Looking to upskill your current team?

Apprenticeships don't just have to be for new starters! Upskilling is an excellent choice for businesses that:

Wish to offer their employees a valuable qualification and skills upgrade that will benefit both the individual and the company as a whole.

Have team members who are keen to expand their skill set.

Want to future-proof their workforce by providing employees with the skills and knowledge they need to adapt to new technologies and changes in the industry.

Want to empower their employees  with valuable skills that benefit everyone!

Are you looking to fill key skills gaps within the business?

We're not like other training providers. Discover what makes us different:

At escalla, we pride ourselves on our personal, friendly, and supportive approach. We have proudly been delivering award winning apprenticeships for 25 years, specialising in IT and Digital Marketing.

Tailored Training

We work with you to build a tailored training programme that meets your specific requirements.

Industry experts

Our expert tutors have decades of industry experience and offer dedicated mentoring and support to ensure apprentinces reach their full potential.

Outstanding pastoral support

Our pastoral support programme goes beyond technical skills, providing apprentices with essential life skills. They receive training in mental health awareness, first aid, money management, cybersecurity, and more.
Joe McLellan

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Promoting Diversity in Tech: Our Career Accelerator Events are here!

Did you know that women make up just a quarter of the UK technology sector? We believe it's time for a change. That's why we launched our Women in Tech Career Accelerator Events!

Bringing together top tech employers, inspirational speakers, and ambitious delegates, our Accelerators are designed to boost women's early careers in tech. Whether you're starting out or seeking a career change, our events have you covered.

In partnership with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, our last event featured fantastic employers like The Bank of England, Compare The Market, Hudl, InCrowd Sports, and more!

Join us in shaping a diverse tech workforce for the future. Apprenticeships are a brilliant pathway to foster diversity. Contact us now to build a stronger talent pool!

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