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If you want to fast-track a career in marketing, this level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship is a great place to begin!

Being a marketing executive is about combining creativity with business intelligence to boost your company profile, and connect with your customers. It’s a fun and fast-paced job. One that demands imagination, logic and problem-solving to overcome often complex challenges.


With a job in digital marketing, you’ll be responsible for engaging with your customers and bringing your business to life.

Your focus will be to help define, design and deliver digital campaigns. This might include researching customer personas, designing stunning websites, writing compelling ads or posting on social media about your latest event.

Good marketers understand who their customers are, what those customers want, and how their company’s services can deliver it. They’re full of ideas, have an eye for detail, and eat tight deadlines for breakfast.


  • Managing and uploading web pages / websites

  • Writing copy for a variety of mediums and platforms

  • Sourcing and editing images

  • Creating marketing emails

  • Creating reports and collecting performance stats

  • Using a variety of online and social marketing tools

  • Optimising online content for search engines

  • Carrying out customer and keyword research

  • Using analytics tools to monitor performance and engagement

  • Monitoring and integrating new marketing and digital trends

  • Communicating with customers, suppliers, colleagues and internal partners




Step 1: Marketing apprentice | £7215-£15,000

A job in digital marketing often starts with an apprenticeship. Salaries for marketing apprentices will vary, depending on the employer and the age of apprentice. But it will be above the applicable minimum wage (see Apprentice Minimum Wage).

Step 2: Junior-level | £18,000-£22,000

Qualified apprentices usually become junior marketing assistants. At this stage, you can typically expect to get a salary between £18,000-£22,000.

Step 3: Mid-level | £20,000-£35,000

Do well at junior marketing level, and after 2-5 years gaining good experience you’ll be able to go for a mid-level marketing officer/executive position. Expect to earn up to £35,000.

Step 4: Manager or director | £40,000-£70,000

Work your way up to marketing manager, or eventually director, and a salary of £40,000-£70,000 is possible.



Everything you need to know…

By completing this Level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship, you will achieve industry-recognised qualifications, demonstrating the skills and abilities required for a career in marketing.

  • Level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship.
  • Meets the requirements for registration as an Affiliate Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

For the duration of the programme, candidates will develop their skills in the workplace, and build a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their abilities. They will be supported by an assessor who will visit apprentices at work every 10 weeks, and check progress every 5 weeks electronically. This will help them progress with their development.

Candidates will receive week-long blocks of full-time training for 4 weeks across the year.

On completion of the development phase apprentices will need to submit their portfolio and a project plan to enter the Gateway. Once the Gateway has been approved by the Chartered Institute of Marketing the apprentice will be required to:

· Complete an online multiple-choice test

· Submit a project showcase report

· Present their project showcase to the assessor

· Take part in a question and answer session with the assessor

· Take part in a professional discussion with the assessor

Each element of the end point assessment is graded individually. An overall grade of pass, merit or distinction is determined by these results.

Apprentices without level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this level prior to taking the end-point assessment. For those with an education, health and care plan or a legacy statement, the apprenticeship’s English and maths minimum requirement is Entry Level 3, and British Sign Language qualifications are an alternative to English qualifications for those whom this is their primary language.

The duration of this apprenticeship is typically 12 months, with a 5-month window for the End Point Assessment.

For employers: £6,000 with full and partial government funding available. Levy payments accepted.

For candidates: Funding is provided by the government and employer, apprentices do not pay to do an apprenticeship.

  • The fundamentals of marketing theory that support the marketing process e.g. the extended marketing mix (7P’S: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical environment, Process, People), product development, and segmentation.
  • The concepts of brand positioning and management and implementing process to support corporate reputation.
  • The principles of stakeholder management and customer relationship management (CRM), both internal and external, to facilitate effective cross-functional relationships internally, and channel and customer relationships externally.
  • The characteristics and plans of the business and sector they work within, including their vision and values.
  • How marketing contributes to achieving wider business objectives.
  • The target audience’s decision making process and how that can influence marketing activities.
  • The sector specific legal, regulatory and compliance frameworks within which they must work, including current Data Protection regulations.
  • The principles of effective market research and how this can influence marketing activity e.g. valid data collection sources and methodologies and usage, including digital sources, and when to use quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Basic principles of product development and product/service portfolios.
  • The marketing landscape and how routes to market interplay most efficiently, e.g. franchise model, distribution.
  • The features and benefits of different marketing communications channels and media, both digital and offline, and when and how to apply these.
  • Coordinate and maintain key marketing channels (both digital and offline).
  • Plan and deliver tactical campaigns against SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives.
  • Manage the production and distribution of marketing materials, e.g. digital, print and video content as appropriate.
  • Produce a wide range of creative and effective communications, including ability to write and proofread clear and innovative copy, project briefs, and give confident presentations.
  • Able to engage and collaborate with a wide range of clients/stakeholders, across departments internally and with clients/suppliers externally to support marketing outcomes as required.
  • Use good project and time management to deliver projects/tasks/events as appropriate, effectively.
  • Including the ability to divide time effectively between reporting, planning and delivery.
  • Coordinate several marketing campaigns/projects/events to agreed deadlines.
  • Effectively liaise with, and manage, internal and external stakeholders including suppliers to deliver required outcomes.
  • Monitor project budgets within their scope of work using appropriate systems and controls.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by choosing the appropriate digital and offline data sources.
  • Assimilate and analyse data and information from a range of sources to support marketing activities.
  • Evaluate data and research findings to derive insights to support improvements to future campaigns.
  • Effectively use appropriate business systems and software to deliver marketing outcomes efficiently, for example to analyse data, produce reports and deliver copy.
  • Use appropriate technologies to deliver marketing outcomes e.g. digital/web analytics, social media, CRM.

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