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Case Study: Tendring District Council

Learn how Tendring District Council were able to deploy an entire new revenues team in only 6 weeks.

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You are amazing, one of a kind and we want to make sure you find the role that is right for you. One that stimulates you, challenges you and makes you want to turn up every morning.

Let’s talk, find out more about you and where you’re going.

“Textbook knowledge is great to have. But match that and marry it with hands-on experience… that’s even better.I learned a lot about the industry that I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom.”

‐ Jordan Rolfe, former apprentice


Opportunities in technology and digital marketing



Is tech and digital marketing for me?

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Our Process

We do all the heavy lifting, you make the decisions.

First meeting

We’ll answer all your questions about our training process and figure out together what kind of job would fit your goals.


You can rely on us to put in the time and effort into finding a business that fits perfectly to your skills and personality.

Final interview

Your potential future boss will want to meet with you; this is your chance to make sure the job is right for you.



The price of higher education



Past apprentices

Our apprentices grow and develop their skills immensely in a very short period of time.

Many are involved with real project and clients within less than a month of starting work. They work across all areas of IT, ranging from coding to customer support.

Web Developer

Chris Wilde

  • Programming
  • Email marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • Hardware support

IT Support

Charlie Fletcher

  • Customer support
  • Hardware
  • Product repairs
  • Laptop/PC repairs

IT Support

Jordan Rolfe

  • External customer support
  • Internal customer support
  • Hardware builds & set-up


Grow your skills


It’s never a case of ‘one shoe fits all’. We are prepared to mould our traiing to your needs to make the most of your skills.


You will recieve a block report which rates your punctuality, attendance and professionalism.

Make friends

Throughout your training, you’ll be part of a cohort of young people just like yourself.


Formal assessments are conducted after each training week.

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