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CQC Compliance

Are you responsible for a care home, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), cosmetic treatments provider or private ambulance operator? Are you aware that you are required by law to comply with Care Quality Commission (CQC) outcomes?

What is CQC compliance?

As of 2010 all healthcare providers are required by law to comply with outcomes outlined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Healthcare providers include anyone responsible for care services, including care homes, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), cosmetic treatments providers and private ambulance operators.

CQC compliance is assessed through inspections and all healthcare providers are required to submit evidence of compliance.

Why use our e-Learning?

e-Learning is the most cost-effective way of demonstrating ongoing adherence to CQC outcomes, through annual staff training programmes.

Our CQC compliance e-Learning will help you to:

  • Distribute learning materials quickly and easily to those who need it
  • Provide access to staff on an anytime, anywhere basis
  • Monitor progress of learners through regular completion reports
  • Demonstrate compliance to CQC inspectors with reports

What can we provide?

We have a list of off-the-shelf modules that have been developed in collaboration with the NHS. All modules are mapped against CQC outcomes and include:

  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Complaints
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Consent


  • Counter Fraud
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • Fire Safety


  • First Aid (Basic)
  • Health & Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Information Governance
  • Medical Devices
  • Medicines Management
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Moving and Handling


  • Nutrition Screening
  • Records Management
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Slips, Trips and Falls


  • Stress
  • Whistleblowing

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