escalla Apprenticeship Awards 2018

An evening to remember

Another year rolls by and once again we celebrate the achievements of our fantastic apprentices at the escalla Apprenticeship Awards 2018 - our annual presentation evening.

The event was a celebration of all their hard work, both with their qualifications and continued efforts within their respective companies. It’s been great to see them all going from fresh faced apprentices to fully-fledged team members.

The night started with everyone socialising; apprentices had a chance to catch up with friends from their training days, as well as making new acquaintances from different courses or companies.

Many back and forth trips were made to the refreshments table, where we were served with an impressive selection of food and drink, including Emma’s amazing cake which looked too good to eat (but that didn’t seem to stop anybody).

Then came the escalla apprenticeship awards presentation itself. It was amazing to see so many people come together to commend our hardworking apprentices; friends, family, colleagues and representatives from the local government and police force were all under one roof to congratulate them on the brilliant work they’ve done. Even Teddy – the office dog – joined the applause in his own way, with a spate of cheerful barking.

The night wasn’t just about celebrating what’s already been achieved, but also to encourage and inspire our apprentices to continue to work hard in all aspects of their lives.

Until next year comes around, we’d like to once again applaud our apprentices and urge them to continue putting maximum effort into all their endeavours. And in another year’s time, we hope they look back and appreciate again how far they’ve come.


If you would like to find out more about apprenticeships from escalla – including the qualifications we offer, areas we cover and our Ofsted rating – please visit our FutureCareers website.