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Understand the importance of chaperones in healthcare

From offering practical assistance, to protecting you and your patients from allegations or abuse, chaperones play a vital role in modern healthcare. This Chaperoning online course will teach you about the importance of chaperones, the requirements they must meet, and how to use them in a way that will benefit everyone.

Chaperoning training is fundamental for all types of healthcare providers who want to protect themselves from complaints, inappropriate behaviour and legal concerns.

By the end of this online Chaperoning training e-learning, you will be able to:

  • Explain why chaperones are used
  • Describe the different types of chaperone
  • Outline roles, responsibilities and training
  • Describe why patients do and do not use chaperones
  • Describe the correct procedures for intimate examinations
  • Outline instances that may affect the use of chaperones
  • Outline good record keeping
  • Outline relevant policies and standards

Who should take this course?

This Chaperoning online course is suitable for anyone who works within healthcare or social care, and may be required to request or act as a chaperone.

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