Deferred Payments Training

Everything you need to know about the Deferred Payments process
London | Manchester | Birmingham | Leeds

The aim of this Deferred Payments workshop is to thoroughly examine the process of determining how and when a deferred payment agreement can be offered.

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, and with reference to the course manual, you will be able: 

  • Determine when a Deferred Payment Agreement must be offered.
  • Decide when a discretionary Deferred Payment Agreement may be offered.
  • Identify suitable security. 
  • Calculate equity limits.
  • Assess a client’s income and contribution.
  • Establish sustainability of a Deferred Payment Agreement.
  • Issue correct notification letters.

Who is this workshop for?

It is especially relevant to new financial assessment officers, customer service staff and social workers, although it is equally suitable for experienced officers who need a refresher.

Please note that the seminar will not cover all of the topics on this page - further details to follow 

Course Prices

Workshop price: £250 + VAT Per Person. Locations for February 2020 include central London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

Course price: POA for up to 12 staff delivered at your organisation.

Course Content

  • What is a Deferred Payment Agreement and why do we offer them?
  • When must we offer a DPA?
  • When may we offer a discretionary DPA?
  • DPAs and care top ups 
  • Obtaining security
  • Setting an equity limit
  • Establishing a client’s income
  • Setting an ongoing contribution to care costs
  • Calculating sustainability
  • Interest and administration charges
  • Information that must be in the agreement
  • Ongoing responsibilities
  • When a DPA ends