Housing Benefit Training for Customer Services and Financial Assessment Teams

Confidently answer enquiries, and provide excellent Housing Benefit customer service and guidance

This Housing Benefit Customer Services training is perfect for those with little or no knowledge of Housing Benefits. It provides a detailed overview of the assessment process to answer queries and verify claims and evidence.

This course is written by our experts with over 25 years’ experience in local authority legislation. It is designed to provide you with an understanding of the general principles and practices of housing benefits, and to confidently deal with claims and evidence verification.

Learners will experience a range of classroom teaching methods including group-working, case studies and both individual and group presentations. Traditional teaching is supported by a virtual learning environment that is used to host a range of electronic supporting materials.

Assessment is provided by a mix of coursework, as well as verbal and written examination. Helpful feedback will also be provided to the learner and the employer.

What will I learn?

By the end of this Housing Benefit for Customer Services / Financial Assessment training, you will be able to:

  • Explain how and why claims are verified
  • Carry out the initial administration and verification of Housing Benefits applications
  • Gather evidence in support of claims
  • Offer advice to Housing Benefits customers

Who should take this course?

There are no formal requirements for this course. It is suitable for those who are either new to benefits or require a basic level of knowledge that will enable them to advise customers and verify claims and evidence.

This Housing Benefit for Customer Services / Financial Assessment course is not suitable for people who will be assessing and making decisions on Housing Benefit claims.

Suitable candidates may include:

  • New starters to benefits
  • Benefit assistants
  • Financial Assessment officers
  • Clerical officers
  • Visiting officers
  • Customer service staff
  • Call centre staff

Course prices

  • Classroom
  • £1195
    per per day, plus VAT.
  • 3-day course - up to 12 people

Request Training

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Housing Benefit Customer Services / Financial Assessment Course Content

  • Means / non-means tested benefits
  • Income support / JSA (IB)
  • Basic rules to state benefits
  • What does HB pay for?
  • Making a claim for benefit
  • Date of claim and backdating
  • Rent
  • Income and capital
  • Household composition and applicable amounts
  • Non-dependant deductions
  • The calculation
  • Changes to income
  • Change of address
  • Changes to non-dependants
  • Death of the claimant
  • How they occur
  • Classification of overpayments
  • Overpayment recovery
  • Interventions
  • Identity and National Insurance Number
  • Evidence of income, rent and changes
  • How evidence is requested
  • Types of fraud
  • Indicators of fraud
  • Principles of data protection
  • Disclosure of data
Brian Pemberton Lancashire County Council
I would like to pass on my thanks for your help in facilitating all the training. All your trainers have been fabulous and have provided an A star service. The courses [Housing Benefit for customer services, UC and Financial Assessments] have been excellent value for money and a worthwhile investment.