Microsoft Publisher Introduction Course

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application used to produce newsletters, brochures, posters, manuals, product catalogues and other printed documents and publications.

Whether you are new to Microsoft Publisher or need a refresher, this comprehensive course will benefit anyone who wishes to produce visually rich documents for publication.

In this 1-day training course you will learn useful tips and tricks to help you create your own professional looking documents that incorporate graphics, text and other design objects. We will show you how to use basic tools and techniques to set up standard page layouts and text properties. You will also learn how to work with objects, create multipage publications and prepare documents for printing and sharing.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Create and save a publication
  • Add text and pictures to a publication
  • Format text and paragraphs
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Add and format graphics in a publication
  • Use mail merge and much more


  • You should be familiar with working in a Windows environment.

Why take this course?

Express yourself creatively – Give yourself new opportunities to express your ideas and flex your creative muscles

Increase your value - You’ll develop the skills required to create professional quality documents, marketing materials and web pages for your organisation.

Make and save money - If you are skilled in Publisher, you can make money by creating publications for others. You can also cut costs by designing documents yourself and not having to hire someone else.

Better career opportunities - Give yourself an advantage over other applicants not familiar with Publisher.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word who needs to learn how to use Microsoft Publisher to create, layout, and edit publications.
  • Self-taught users of Microsoft Publisher who wish to master the fundamentals.


1 day

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Course Content

  • The publisher screen 
  • The title bar


  • Menus/toolbars


  • The ribbon/backstage view / the quick access toolbar


  • The status bar


  • Open a publication


  • Closing a publication
  • Creating a new publication


  • Using the business information set


  • Setting the page layout


  • Introduction to objects


  • Creating and inserting building blocks


  • Using zoom


  • Saving a publication
  • Adding text


  • Editing, moving and copying text


  • Text formatting and effects


  • Line spacing and paragraph spacing


  • Inserting text boxes


  • Linking text boxes


  • Import text


  • Check spelling


  • Typography
  • Inserting pictures (one-stop)


  • Understanding the scratch area


  • Formatting pictures and effects


  • Swapping pictures


  • Applying pictures to backgrounds


  • Applying captions to pictures


  • Flipping and rotating objects


  • Aligning objects on a page and with other objects


  • Grouping objects
  • Inserting new pages


  • Navigating between pages


  • Deleting pages


  • Creating sections in a publication


  • Inserting hyperlinks


  • Using bookmarks
  • Creating a new master page


  • Applying master pages


  • Using headers and footers


  • Inserting page numbers


  • Creating a new template


  • Creating a new publication from a template
  • Printing a publication


  • Using mail merge


  • Checking the design of a publication


  • Using pack and go


  • Photo centre printing


  • Publishing in PDF