Supported Exempt Accommodation

For Landlords and Care Providers - Delivered Live Online

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10 Mar 2021



One day course


Delivered live online by a trainer


£195 plus VAT

Supported Accommodation for Landlords and Care Providers 


Course Outline 

This course explores the challenges facing those Landlords who provide care as part of their tenancies. It looks at the set up and requirements for funding through Housing Benefit, ensuring that this is on-going and provides clarity on the permissible charges. 

This course is written by our experts who have over 25 years’ experience in local authority legislation. 

What will I learn? 

By the end of this Supported Accommodation for Landlords and Care Providers course, you will have covered: 

  • Various acceptable landlord types 
  • The specifics of providing care, support or supervision  
  • The role of the Landlord, tenancy and property within Housing Benefit decision making. 
  • The costs and expenses associated with Supported Accommodation tenancies 
  • Separating and identifying rental charges, service charges, protections, and insurances 
  • The case law which protects these tenancies, their charges and the tenants 
  • Avoiding the restriction of Universal Credit Housing costs 

Who's it for? 

The course is designed for those staff involved with providing tenancies for people that have care needs. This can be from allocation, support or from the charging aspect. No formal knowledge of benefits is required, and examples can be used to provide a high-level consultation, if this is requested in advance. 


The cost of this 1 day scheduled course is £195 plus VAT per delegate. If you book four places or more, you get 20% off the total price. Please get in touch for a quote if you would like to book a live online course date for your organisation only. 

Course content 

  • Supported Accommodation definition for Housing Benefit 
  • Ensuring exclusion from Universal Credit Housing costs 
  • Definitions of caresupport and supervision 
  • The acceptable levels of ‘care’, ‘support’ and ‘supervision’ 
  • Who must provide ‘care’, ‘support’ and ‘supervision’?
  • Who receives ‘care’, ‘support’ and ‘supervision’? 
  • Defining the importance of the building, tenancy, and the tenant 
  • Rental charges 
  • Voids, management, insurances and sinking funds 
  • Personal and communal charges 
  • Care charges 
  • The grounds under which a Local Authority can restrict a rent. 
  • The grounds under which a Local Authority may not restrict a rent.
  • Forming agreements with Local Authorities to speed up payments 
  • Useful caselaw which provides deeper understanding of the topic.
  • Understand the financial impact on the Subsidy claim and the capacity of the local authority.
  • Use relevant case law to assist in your decision making and subsequent reconsideration requests.
  • Understand the future funding proposals for supported accommodation.

This live online course is available as a scheduled course or on demand for your organisation only. Each course will be delivered with a maximum of 12 delegates.